Friday, June 22, 2007

Windows and Doors

Seems like I've heard a story about windows and doors that had] an inspirational message somewhere before. Since I don't remember it, I guess that's a little off the point. But - I do have a neat story about how an old set of windows brought us together with a really cool person.

We've known Catherine Schoeffler for a lot of years, but have never really had the opportunity to spend any time with her. Recently, we were talking to her at the shop about the sale of her share of the Blue Moon to her partner. I asked her what kind of job she might want to move on to. She said "I can skin a deer". Hmm... That one won't land you a lot of jobs. Then she said "I can glaze windows". Becky and I looked at each other in amazement.

We had been looking for someone to glaze 40 old wooden windows that are going to be used in a unique window wall that is going in the new room of the shop. It's not easy these days to find anyone that knows how to glaze windows. So when Catherine said she knew how to glaze and had a free week before she headed off to Alaska, we jumped at the chance and asked if she could start tomorrow.

Over the next week, we had fun getting to know her better and watching her work. 40 is a lot of windows to glaze! She got a bit of a production line going with a young man that's helping out with the construction. She has a great ability to involve people and have fun working with them. By the time the 40 windows were done, and she was headed to Alaska, we were sad to see her go.

So - I'm not sure if the inspirational story was about looking for open doors or going through the windows, but we know that these 40 old windows have been the catalyst to us meeting a new friend here in Lafayette.

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