Friday, January 18, 2008

2008 Trips and Events are Taking Off!

I wanted to take a second and intro some special new trips and events coming up soon. First up, we're hosting the Focus the Nation Live Webcast on Climate Change on the 30th of January. This special event will be a wonderful educational experience for all of Lafayette as well as a chance all of us to come together as a group in supporting this important issue.

Since the first time I did my Ultra-Light Backpacking clinic, I've gotten a lot of request for a repeat. This is your chance to see me turn a 43 pound pack into a feathery 25 pound load. And if you're into going light, check out Mark Menou's session on Alcohol stove building on the 19th of February.

On the 16th of Febuary, Mark and Jennifer Menou will lead our first ever backpacking retreat that will make your foray into the wilderness feel like a weekend at the spa. The Menou's are long-time members of the P&P family and we are excited to have them as facilitators on this unique outing.

An exciting new addition to our lineup is our Valentines Romance paddle. Becky and I are planning on pulling out the stops in hosting 8 couples for a Valentines evening that won't soon be forgotten.

Another addition we're really excited about is that we will be hosting an Outdoor Photography class with our good friend Jason Cohen. Believe me - Jason is an amazing photographer. I'm planning on being a student at this class. We'll have classroom sessions and a field session. This should be a great class for climbers, hikers, paddlers, or anyone that spends time in the outdoors.

A new option for a trip will be our new Level 1 waterfall hike. This is designed to allow folks who want to see the waterfalls at Clark Creek, but not have to hike the entire primitive trail a chance to participate.

And this is not all! I have lots of other events and trips that you'll see posted over the next 3-4 weeks. Stay tuned and come out to join us!


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10:44 PM I was just getting sleepy and now all I want to do is get up and go outdoors and go for a trek!
Enjoyed scanning through the site. Looking forward to doing an outing with you soon. AJ Broussard

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You write very well.