Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crossing the Atchafalaya

On January 4th, a small group from Lafayette (with friends from Salida, CO) set out to cross the Atchafalaya basin by canoe. We paddled the cuts, canals, bayous, sloughs and rivers for 3 days. Here's a few photos of our journey:

Boone and Becky headed down towards the ZigZag just downstream of Catahoula. Boone's got his jacket on too!

Stacey Scarce and Martin Arceneaux headed towards the Atchafalaya on a pipeline canal. Note Drew's guitar in the back.

Boone after a tough day at the office. This is at Splice Island while we were up checking out campsites.

Drew Landry playin' some cold weather guitar. The group really enjoyed his folksy songs that seemed to fit right in with our surroundings in the Basin.

Stacey and Martin paddling through a fishermans route deep in the heart of the Basin.

Drew navigates his kayak through some tight spots.

Our friends Rickie and Jon McManus from Salida, CO enjoying a very different surrounding from their home town.

The group headed towards the takeout on the east side of the Basin early on day 3. Note the ominous clouds in the background.

Becky picking Oyster mushrooms off a decaying willow tree.

The rain caught up with us about 6 miles from the landing. It served to only make the Basin even more beautiful.

The group at the takeout on the east levee at Bayou Sorrel. We made it!

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