Friday, July 6, 2007

Holding the Strings Loosely

We had a little bit of a curve ball yesterday. We were doing our usual run-around of working with our staff, moving ahead on projects, preparing for our film festival night and working on future booking orders (for next spring - believe it or not) for new products. Our architecht, Scott Shall, who is also a professor at UL came by to look at the progress. We have known for a few weeks that he will be leaving in order to take a position at a university in Philadelphia. The curve ball came when we realized that he will be moving in 3-4 weeks. Aaagh. Stress.

We've depended on Scott to work with us "on the fly" with this project. He reminded me that he will be able to work remotely and email us drawings from Philly. It's just that it still feels like we're in the infancy of this project. There's definitely no way to clearly see the end from where we are now. And our guide, our guru and to a large degree our leader is leaving in 3 weeks.

Now I am hanging on a single thought and concept: Hold the strings loosely, and things will turn out better than you could have imagined. Let things develop naturally, look for people and things that are put in your path and it will all work out. This is how we lived on the Appalachian Trail on a daily basis for 5.5 months. Even now, it's not my nature to live this way. I am still finding I have to keep my "Control Freak" inside at bay. And it's not easy. But I am trying.

I don't have a cute ending for you on this post. This is just an entry about where we are right now. And - I guess - that's kind of what life is pretty much like most of the time.

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Mountaingoat said...

Hey folks

I just read all of your blog entries - laidback yet purposeful, like their author(s). It's great to know people who practise what they preach - without preaching. I love the Eustace Conway book as well - warts 'n all, an amazing portrait.

Good luck with yr renovations. I'll keep reading, and love to yr family!

Mr) Mountaingoat, Brisbane, Australia