Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Resting My Eyes

Last week, I taught my favorite clinic - Ultralight Backpacking. We had a very receptive crowd and I thought that I was really in the zone teaching the class. Little did I know that one of my students in the back of the room wasn't nearly as impressed with me as I was with myself!
Things started off well enough - but Boone's body language is saying "What-EVER!!"

"No - No - Really - I'm just resting my eyes!"

"I just need a more comfortable spot to rest my back. Yes - I am STILL resting my eyes!"

"Hmlgrph... huh? ... Yeh - I'm resting my eyesss...."

"Uggg... What the heck - I can't take any more of this"


Cheryll said...

We Love Boone!!!

Cheryll said...

We Love Boone!!!
Cheryll G.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics of your most loyal companion. Your voice must have been soooo soothing that it completely relaxed he was in a trance...hehehe

I miss going to your store and events, as my family recently moved to St.Louis, MO. We are enjoying all the wonderfuls parks, trails and creeks. We also have the Katy Trails which are 225 miles long...perfect for cycling.

I enjoy continuing to receive your newsletter via email and look forward to stopping by when in town.

Thank you for all you do for the community and sharing with us the inspirations of mother nature's beauty.


Becky Click said...

So precious!!!

Janenne said...

I think I could relate to the fourth frame of Boone . . .
realizing this is gonna be L O N G E R than I thought so I better get into a comfortable position. (I think he found it here!)
and I see the photographer had a good eye for an interesting sidebar!!